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Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Kit 

This single kit contains everything you need to perform your own single-cell experiment. You can scale your experiment to profile 100,000 cells and 48 samples together in one run.

Split Bio’s Whole Transcriptome Kit is the most scalable single cell RNA-seq solution on the market.

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Profile up to 100,000 cells with a single kit, which can accommodate up to 48 different biological samples or experimental conditions.

Fix and store samples on your schedule. Run fixed samples collected on different dates together in a single experiment.

No need to pay for an expensive instrument and maintenance fees. Our kits use only basic laboratory equipment.

A comprehensive single cell solution

Our kit provides all the necessary materials to prepare any single-cell or single-nucleus suspension for sequencing as well as the tools to analyze your results with ease.

Single cell suspension

Split Bio Kit


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