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Split Bio Brings Total Financing to Over $2M 

Seattle, WA -  August 30th, 2019 - Split Bio announced the closing of a bridge financing round, bringing the company’s total funding to over $2M. Split Bio will use these funds to scale-up manufacturing of their Whole Transcriptome Single Cell RNA-sequencing kits. These funds will also support ongoing research and development for follow-on applications.


Split Bio offers the most scalable single cell RNA-sequencing solution, enabling researchers to process up to 100,000 cells across 48 unique samples in parallel. Split Bio’s solution gives users flexibility in their experimental design by allowing them to fix and store cells after sample extraction rather than requiring users to proceed directly to single cell barcoding. This makes it possible to collect biological samples across different days but process all the samples together using a single kit. These standalone kits can be used in any molecular biology lab without the need for custom instruments. 

Split Bio is expanding and seeking highly innovative individuals looking to make a large scale impact on the research community. The Seattle based team is currently hiring Research Associates, Scientists, and Computational Biologists. For more information visit the careers page at www.splitbio.com/careers.