Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Kit

100,000 cells and 48 samples with a single kit

Based on the principles of the academic method SPLiT-seq, Split Bio’s Whole Transcriptome kit is the most scalable single-cell RNA sequencing solution on the market. Dramatic increases in transcript detection from the original SPLiT-seq method allow you to capture more information with less sequencing while avoiding doublets.


Early Access

Split Bio is accepting a limited number of research groups to enroll as part of an early access program. Participants will be able to purchase a Single Cell Whole Transcriptome kit and receive support from the Split Bio team. Let us know if you are interested and want to learn more.

Kit Workflow


Following extraction, fix your sample(s) with a 30-60 minute protocol. We offer both cell and nuclei fixation kits to accommodate your particular experiment. After fixation your samples can be stored for up to 6 months or you can proceed directly to barcoding.


Starting with 1-48 fixed biological samples, pass cells through four split-pool combinatorial barcoding steps to append a cell-specific combination of DNA barcodes to each transcript.

Library Prep

Prepare barcoded molecules for next generation sequencing. Up to 8 sequencing sublibraries (each containing 100-12,500 cells) can be prepared in parallel. Sublibraries can be sequenced independently at different sequencing depths. 

Data Analysis

After sequencing, use our computational pipeline to generate an experimental report along with processed data (including gene-cell count matrix) that integrates into existing open source tools (Seurat, Scanpy, etc.)


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